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We have developed over 200 web sites for a wide variety of manufacturers, both large and small.

  • High Technology Web Design- Specialty manufacturing, including chip design, advanced instrumentation and DoD.
  • Materials Web Design - Including textile, chemicals, fiber optics, and more...
  • Heavy Industry Web Design - DoD missile systems, crane manufacturers and overseas export packaging are just a few examples...
  • Contract Industry Web Design - Primarily companies who act as subcontractors for larger-scale product development.
Aspen Aerogels
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Aspen Aerogels is a specialty insulation product line with space research, acoustics and automotive applications. This will be a future IPO, and wanted to look like a Fortune 500 player.

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Aspen Aerogel
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Sphere Optics
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Eurotherm Guaging
Eurotherm Gauging

Discrete Semiconductor

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DataGuide Cable
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