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Professional Web DesignBudgets are established with each client that identify the main components of a successful web design. Navigation/ UI, interactive elements, webmercials all lead from a client's existing materials, leveraging the company's branding. This is the foundation to professional web design.


web designer
  • corporate web design

Great International Travel - Corporate
Newton, Massachusetts (MA)


web development, Search Engine Optimization, Flash Design
  • web design
  • e-commerce

Orlando, Florida (FL)

biotech ~ health

web site development, Search Engine Optimization
  • website development

Longchamps Electric
Manchester, New Hampshire (NH)

home improvement

web design development, Search Engine Optimization
  • website design

Northern Bank & Trust
Reading, Massachusetts (MA)


web design company, Search Engine Optimization, Flash Design
  • web site design
  • flash design

Shain & Associates
Newton, Massachusetts (MA)

business services

custom web site design, Search Engine Optimization
  • web development

Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO)

manufacturing ~ contract

web site designer, Search Engine Optimization
  • web design
  • flash GUI design

Thermo Electron Colorado
Grand Junction, Colorado (CO)

manufacturing ~ high tech

web site design company, Search Engine Optimization
  • website development
  • logo design

Winchester Cooperative
Winchester, Massachusetts (MA)




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