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Sales Presentations

Web design presentationMarketing, telesales, advertising and public relations have done their job; you're now sitting in front of the Board of your competitor's largest client!

You want to show your credibility and professionalism. At the same time, it would be nice to increase the size of the bid and gauge their reaction "on the spot".

Welcome to integrated sales messaging!

This can be accomplished through a linear (progressive) presentation or demonstration on who your company is. Then onto a sales website devoted to products and solutions. Then into an order area in Excel, that automatically enters selections into a proposal format for instant printing.

All this requires is the actual files to run the presentation, a laptop and a small projector. Nowadays, the overall hardware can be obtained for $2,000 total.

Please click through the following links to roughly see what can be done. We have successfully increased revenues many multiples using this format.


Appointment Program ~ Format


  • Capabilities
  • Key Staff/Bios
  • Credentials, Organizations, White Papers, Articles



Good for the Boardroom, allows control of conversation. Minimal animation and sound

MultiMedia Flash

Good for automated events, trade shows, Chamber meetings. Incorporates sound, movie clips, PowerPoint and other demonstration files.

Product/Service Review

  • Overview of divisions, product groupings, or pictorial catalog
  • Review client needs, enter notes on quoted items



Runs off the laptop for speed. HTML simple to change.

Can reuse existing web "look and feel", minimizing design costs.

Quote Components

  • Enter quoted items into a visual map for review
  • Examine cross-order relationships for increasing quote size
  • Verbally shows internal synergy , competence, consistency


Inspiration, or
Word    w/ OrgChart Add-in

Either program / process allows a visual way of presenting client needs with specific products from your inventory.

Estimated solutions can thus be developed without a preliminary engineering specification. The client has a rough estimate, and you have a new order in the pipe!

Quote Development

  • Count items from mapping sheet
  • Enter into spreadsheet
  • Seperate tabs allow referencing by quality, competitive pricing or other selected metric.
  • Confirms needs item-by-item to increase close rate.

Will open in a new window


The mapping sheet is then used to drop counts into a spreadsheet for the estimate and initial order contract that can be printed on the spot.

As questions arise to specific properties of alternative products and pricing, can refer back instantly to the Web page.


At the same time, a 'leave behind' brochure that looks the same as all other materials in the presentation is left, and a followup email to the client can include a PDF of the brochure and the proposal generated during the meeting.


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